When it comes to breaking cookie-cutter molds, its essential to understand no two brokers are taking the exact same path, at the exact same time.

That’s why CMG Financial has created a dual platform to support your business development.

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In an ever changing mortgage environment, sometimes you have to adjust your business model to remain strong among your competition. Our non-delegated Select Partner program was created to meet that very need. Whether you are an experienced mortgage banker, community bank, credit union or emerging mortgage banker, our platform will help you grow your business. For those companies making the transition from a mortgage broker to a mortgage banker, we have the experience, knowledge and support to guide you every step of the way. Our Select Partner program is perfect for diversifying, building market share and taking your company to new heights.


We champion the traditional mortgage broker and believe in the importance of third-party origination. Borrowers should be given all loan options available when financing a home. At CMG Financial, we make sure you have the products, service, technology and talented team of regionalized mortgage professionals to ensure that you are succeeding and preserving a business model that has supported this industry for decades. We’re your biggest fan.