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Christopher M. George and the leadership he surrounds himself with, built their careers and the $15 billion company as entrepreneurs. He remembers the tenacity it took as he built the now thriving company in his garage 28 years ago and creates a culture of family for all that followed him to CMG Home Loans. As someone who started as an originator, Chris has been a champion for the lender and the consumer. Whether it is creating ground-breaking proprietary products, a seamless operational system, or launching the CMG Foundation, Chris has created a true lending home.

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Stability During Volatility

Since our inception in 1993, CMG Home Loans has increased loan funding every year. Weathering the housing market crash with ease, CMG Home Loans has posted steady growth year after year.

Since 2008, Retail Lending has consistently exceeded projections. As an agile business channel to a lucrative company, the retail lending division surpassed the competition and retained a powerful foothold in the marketplace.

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