Ins and Outs of the All In One Loan™

Blog posted On April 28, 2022

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There are hardly any loans that can compare to the All In One Loan™ in United States of America. It’s the Smarter Way to Borrow™ that everyone is talking about. And it’s likely to become even more prominent in the housing market this year and beyond.

What is the All In One Loan™?

The All In One Loan™ is the only mortgage in America that provides you access to money for 30 years, recomputes interest automatically every night for 30 years, uses every penny you earn to pay down your mortgage, and charges you interest 21 days into the following month. Need a clearer picture? Read more for the real benefits.

All In One Loan™ Benefits

  1. Saves More on Mortgage Interest

The All In One Loan™ has been proven to help borrowers save tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest, leaving more available money to help fund other investments or save for emergencies.

  1. Speeds Up Mortgage Payoff...

While the traditional mortgage loan typically takes decades to fully payoff, the All In One Loan™ can help you build equity 2-4x faster. Many home buyers worry about the costs of having a mortgage in retirement. All In One Loan™ borrowers can enjoy the hope of entering retirement debt-free and owning their home in-full sooner.

  1. ...Without Changing Your Budget

With most traditional mortgages, you would have to either make extra-large monthly payments or refinance to a shorter term in order to speed up your mortgage payoff. Fewer than 4% of homeowners make extra payments on their mortgage. And this would likely require that you sacrifice something else in your monthly budget. With the All In One Loan™, you can have your fast mortgage payoff and eat your Doordash deliveries too. Deposits to your combined checking and mortgage banking account are directly applied to your loan’s principal, automatically lowering your loan’s balance. Overall, it’s a better alternative to extra payments.

  1. Allows You to Access Equity 24/7

Need to pay off debt? Have a medical emergency? Looking to finance some home improvements? The All In One Loan™ works like a fully-secured checking account, allowing you to withdraw home equity money whenever you need it. No refinancing, no closing costs, and no new fees. All you need is and ATM, a debit card, a check, mobile bill pay, or an ACH transfer.

  1. Permits interest-only payments when needed

The All In One Loan™ is a great option for self-employed borrowers. Without a set monthly payment amount, the All in One allows you to make larger payments when you can, and make interest-only payments when you need. For borrowers with unpredictable payment schedules, this is an important feature. Every paycheck will be directly applied to lowering your loan’s balance, so no need to worry about sacrificing homeownership for your self-employed career.

Want to learn more about the Smarter Way to Borrow™? Check out a more detailed breakdown of our All In One Loan™ here, or contact us!