What This Morning's Inflation Data Means for You

Blog posted On December 13, 2022

Things are looking up for home buyers. Though the holidays aren’t for another week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) dropped off an early gift this morning. The gift came in the form of the consumer price index – a popular inflation-measuring method – which showed that November’s inflation levels were cooler than expected. Mortgage-backed securities jumped for joy, traders breathed a sigh of relief, and anyone concerned with mortgage rates should be drinking a nice cup of holiday cheer.  


First, let’s remember this:  

High inflation = Bad for mortgage-backed securities  

Bad for mortgage-backed securities = Higher mortgage rates (generally) 

So ↑ inflation = ↑ rates (generally) 

What further solidifies the high inflation → higher rates cause/effect is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has been at war with inflation since the spring. Their main weapon is the federal funds rate, or benchmark interest rate.  

↑ fed funds rate = ↓ inflation 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always take effect immediately. The Fed started raising the benchmark interest rate in March and annual inflation kept creeping up until July but didn’t start showing true cooling until October’s numbers came out.  

The effect? Mortgage rates trended higher and higher until October’s consumer price index came out last month at lower-than-expected levels.  


Last month’s consumer price index came in below expectations, which was a pleasant surprise for the bond market and mortgage-backed securities, causing mortgage rates to see their largest one-day drop in decades.  

This is why today’s report was so important. It could either solidify the cooling into a trend, or it could prove last month’s data was a one-off. Luckily enough, the numbers came through and once again showed cooling inflation. Not only cooling inflation, but cooling inflation that was even lower than experts had predicted.  

“The Fed could dismiss the better-than-expected October as just one month’s data, but the further slowdown in November makes this new disinflationary trend harder to dismiss,” Paul Ashworth, chief North America economist for Capital Economics. 


The Federal Reserve is likely to ease up on its severity of its benchmark rate hikes. Instead of 0.75%, it’ll likely be 0.50% in tomorrow’s announcement. “The Federal Reserve has made sure to let the market know how many rate hikes are left and the speed,” said HousingWire Chief Economist Logan Mohtashami. “With today’s CPI data, that will seal the deal of 0.50% rate hike as the Fed has told the markets that the pace of rate hikes will slow.” 

Following the consumer price index release, mortgage-backed securities we were immediately thrilled. Which likely means rates will follow suit in a downward trend over the next couple of days.  


  • Explore rate locks – Even if you’re not thinking about buying right now, it could be a good idea to talk to us about locking in your rate. That way your rate won’t get any higher, but it can float lower one time if the market rates do.  

  • Consider Rate Rebound – Rate rebound is another program we offer that lets you buy now at the current rate and refinance later with no lender fees if the market rates fall.*  

  • Remember that the winter IS a good time to buy – Right now, there’s less competition, prices have been trending lower, sellers are offering more concessions, and builders are generally less busy; so the new year might be a good time to connect with your Realtor.  

Sources: HousingWire 


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